What Makes Klinger's Breads taste so good?
We use a unique and proprietary sourdough starter on most of our recipes, which develops the rich and complex flavors you savor.

Do your breads freeze?
Yes, exceptionally well. Just store in a plastic bag, Klinger’s bags work well. They will keep up to one month.

Why are Klinger’s breads in sealed bags?
They are sealed for product protection and lasting freshness 

Are there any fats in your breads?
No, with the exception of the Challah bread and any bread that contains cheese (specifically identified within the name of the bread).

Do you wholesale your products?
Yes. Please contact Andrew Mignano at 802-860-2972 and he will be happy to help you.

Where else can we get your products?
Please click on the “Where to Buy” link. That will take you to our location page, which lists all the stores you can purchase our breads, as well as a map to our own retail outlet.

How do you recommend serving your breads?
Heat in a 400deg. oven for 6-8 min to enjoy that crisp crust and unique aromas

Allergy information
Our products are manufactured on equipment that processes products containing nuts.

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